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Say Hello to the fearsome "Neon Jungle" Course

Our Neon Jungle course has 8 amazing courses! You can start by the sandpit and work your way through the course passing by the most gorgeous pelican, the “lost in a mysterious island” truck and a ball eating pyramid that forces you to make the hard decision to “which way do I go?”

Our magnificently hand crafted waterfall is an amazing place for a selfie or two so make sure you keep your camera’s at the ready!

You will find yourself coming eye to eye with the savage Ape of Looney Golf – by all means whatever you do, just don’t try to feed him! It never goes down well..

As you go round you will find our land of Tikis – be aware they their power will not make it easy for you.

Finally come face to face with the red eyed beast – aim for the tigers mouth and give it your best shot!

This course is suitable for all ages – a bit of easy and a bit of difficult mixed.

That’s enough reading about the course get down here and give it a go in person! Book early to avoid disappointment!