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Drinking Responsibly @ Looney Golf

Hi! We thought this deserves a post, its quite an important topic really. At Looney golf we don’t sell alcohol or beer however you are more than welcome to bring your own drinks after 6pm.

Every person after 6pm is allowed to bring one drink per person, any drinks beyond this are allowed but will have a surcharge of £3 per extra drink.

Looney golf is a family friendly entertainment centre and whilst we don’t want to stop you from bringing your own drinks and enjoying a night out with your friends and family, we don’t condone creating a disturbance to other guests and visitors in the centre. Everyone expects to enjoy their visit and if you have been drinking excessively and other guests have raised a complaint, we may ask you to leave the centre as our first priority is safeguarding our visitors, at all times.

If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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